Founder and director

Shirli Kirschner, founder and director of Resolve Advisors, lawyer and accredited mediator

Shirli Kirschner

Shirli is the founder of Resolve Advisors and Elker. She is an award-winning system designer and mediator with a legal background.


Carole Houk

Carole Houk

Design of integrated conflict management systems for businesses and government. Based in Washington, D.C.


Sarah Nicholson

Sarah is the Chief Projects Officer at Resolve Advisors and leads project communication and operational strategy.

Consulting network

David Bryson experienced workplace HR and mediation consultant at Resolve Advisors

David Bryson

David has over 25 years of experience as a workplace facilitator, mediator, conciliator, trainer, dispute resolution adviser and conflict coach.

Rosemary Howell mediator and senior facilitator and business strategy at Resolve Advisors

Dr. Rosemary Howell

Dr. Howell has over 30 years of experience as a lawyer, strategic planner, educator and CEO. She is admitted to practise as a solicitor in Victoria and NSW.

Jacquie Wharton relationships and divorce resolution consultant at Resolve Advisors

Jacquie Wharton

Professional negotiation, conflict coaching and family law support.

Lynora Brooke

Experienced leadership coach and mentor, conflict management coach, mediator and facilitator.

Steve Lancken leading mediator and Alternative Dispute Resolution consultant at Resolve Advisors

Steve Lancken

Steve Lancken is one of Australia’s leading mediators and ADR professionals.

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