What is training from experience?

We have developed a number of interactive in-house products and information sessions that distill the key learnings and skills from our work over 2 decades.

We have found that to build skills, training must engage the interest of participants, be directly relevant but also extend participants and not be too easy.

We provide end-to-end pre-workshop analysis to ensure we are clear on the goals of the organisation and group, in-room facilitation and coaching and post-workshop evaluation and implementation where that is required.

We have workbooks and electronic information that can be customised.

  • Strategic negotiation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Respectful workplaces
  • Effective group meetings

Training modules


  • Four day how to facilitate and run stakeholder engagement / problem solving meetings
  • One day effective meeting technique
  • Half a day overview on principles on tool (GPS – Goal, Process, Style tools and tips)

Strategic negotiation

  • Conference session overview – this is a short module available for conferences or group training that provides a high-level overview of strategic negotiation and its benefits with people or teams.
  • 2-3 day skills training using the Harvard Negotiation models that provides interactive role-play based training that improves skills
  • We also provide small group coaching on real-life scenarios

See also: The benefits of coaching as part of training

Effective group meetings

The facilitation

Effective facilitation provides practical hands on experience and framework for people working within the field. This program was designed to assist in training cross-cultural mediators as part of a program run with the Fletcher School of Diplomacy and has been taught at a masters level in various forms at the UNSW law school.

Running effective meetings

This cannibalises the core skills and tools from effective facilitation and makes them effective for anyone runnnig meetings. It includes a component on running meetings using various forms of media, either in whole or in part.

The time required depends on the modules to be covered.

Starting from half a day.

Respectful workplaces

This half-day module provides a policy and a framework for ensuring an effective workplace and building a culture that values diversity.

It is a passion of David Bryson as a result of his lifetime experience.

Respectful relationships: a guide for workplaces

Below is a sample of a checklist guide for respectful relationships in the workplace. Please contact us for the full document.

Guide to Respectful Relationships Checklist Facilitation and Training in the Workplace - Resolve AdvisorsWhat workplace behaviors are not respectful? Resolve Advisors facilitation and training with David Bryson and Shirli Kirschner