What is facilitation?

Today’s world requires groups with differing interests to work together to reach agreement to deliver projects and solve complex problems. We design and facilitate effective meetings where results are important.

Facilitation is a collaborative process in which a skilled consultant enables the group to make smart decisions.

Effective facilitation is about:

  • Dialogue around risk and compliance
  • Effective group meetings
  • Building consensus
  • Reaching optimal agreements (lasting, durable, efficient and measurable)

Who engages a facilitator?

Anyone who is in a leadership role. This can include leadership committees, working groups, boards and even small businesses or professionals (deal makers, lawyers, accountants, succession planners).

What is the role of the facilitator?

The facilitator is a trained professional. The role requires an understanding of groups and process. The output varies depending on the cultural context and the needs of the project. In some contexts, subject matter expertise is important.

We offer traditional facilitation services as well as what we call multi-hat services where we provide facilitation services as well as consultancy expertise.

Examples of facilitation contexts

Resolve works across a wide range of facilitation environments. Some of these include:

  • Dialogue and working groups around governance and risk in a financial services organisation
  • Stakeholder discussions
  • Community consultation programs
  • Strategic planning
  • Governance discussions
  • Land sharing agreements (Traditional Owners and others)
  • Restructure of a family company for succession and growth
  • Partnership restructure to assist with conflicts
  • Conversations around risk and compliance

Examples of facilitation projects under Resolve

Community consultation for ANTSO

Resolve was engaged to design and facilitate the effective community consultation for the operation of the then new nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights.

Workplace facilitation with Department of Defence

Resolve provided strategic planning for remuneration of joint services for this branch of the Federal government.

Department of Education, Training and Workplace Relations and Department of Family & Community Services

Resolve was engaged to design and project manage a national consultation about the future of a regional program that needed to pivot.