Designing effective dispute systems

In order to deal with issues, it is useful to have a methodology and authority for dealing with issues effectively and in a timely manner. Dispute system design is the process of building a practical and robust pathway to manage these matters and limit the damage caused when they appear. It also can involve technology to reduce the cost of administration and maximise data capture and application.

Resolve Advisors has been designing systems since its inception. We have worked in Australia, USA and Asia. We have bespoke methodology that can be customised reducing the cost of implementation to clients. We also have an in-house team to augment processes using custom-built software.

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Adriana Doyle

Examples of our work



Dispute resolution for NBNCO

This involved designing the architecture for NBNCO’s b2b dispute resolution system.

Victorian Gas Market for Vencorp (wholesale)

Description of this goes here.

Universal Music Australasia – CHART (Complaints Handling And Resolution Team)

This system was designed to deal with any workplace problems employees may be having, including performance issues, discrimination and harassment complaints. The system is mediation-based, with employees having the option of using an external neutral mediator if their issue cannot be resolved through negotiation within the normal company reporting lines.

SPAN – Wholesale telecommunications market dispute resolution system

This involved stakeholder management as well as dispute resolution. Resolve developed a wholesale telecommunication market dispute resolution function, training and a stakeholder management process. We won a SPAN award for contribution to the industry as a result of this project.

Dispute resolution panels (mediators and experts)

We worked with an IT organisation and Gerald Edward ‘Tony’ Fitzgerald AC QC to develop a centralised platform for former judicial officers services to be available in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

This system dealt with business to business issues between telecommunication companies.

Consultant Singapore energy market

Design and organise training for the dispute resolution system for the Singapore energy market.

System evaluation and review

System design focuses on surfacing and resolving underlying issues, rather than simply band-aiding presenting problems.

Telstra customer complaint handling Review Melbourne (2010)

LawCover Pty Ltd (2000)

LawCover Pty Ltd is the primary insurer of legal practitioners in NSW. This project involved a review of LawCover’s protocol for the management of its litigated claims. The review was conducted over a 5 month period and involved questionnaires, interviews and focus groups with representatives of key stakeholders in the process.

National Electricity Code Administrator (NECA) (2000/2001)

Resolve was contracted to undertake a review and consultation in respect of the alternative dispute resolution procedures in Chapter 8 of the National Electricity Code. The consultation was conducted over a 6 month period and aimed to produce a report setting out a review of the existing procedures and recommendations for change. The consultation process involved the formation of a working group of representatives from key stakeholder groups, the release of an issues paper, a draft report, convening a forum and consulting with stakeholder groups individually. The final report was publicly available from the NECA website in July 2001.