Whistleblowing in 6 minutes, relationship with general reporting and a software tool

May 5, 2020

Shirli Kirschner, founder and director of Resolve Advisors, lawyer and accredited mediator

Shirli Kirschner

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By the end of the session you will have a handle on whistleblowing for your organisation. Includes a Q&A, key template documents and a tool.



UTS presents

In this interactive webinar Shirli Kirschner, will give a 6 minute overview of whistleblowing legislation and practical tips for implementing a whistleblowing system. A chaired discussion will follow with senior legal practitioners, Jacquie Seemann (Thomson Geer Lawyers) and Neil Napper (Lander and Rogers). The discussion will cover questions relating to whistleblowing legislation and implementation.

Shirli Kirschner, is a facilitator and dispute system designer and co-founder of Elker, an encrypted reporting platform. She will provide a nutshell guide for implementation of a system, the legislation and an overview of how this interacts with generalised workplace reporting.

What we’ll cover

  • What is whistleblowing?
  • Who and what does it protect?
  • What are the touchpoints for compliance?
  • What is the opportunity for organisations?
  • Who should be involved?
  • What does a tool do?

Legal questions you may ask: What legal advice do you need? Resources? Training? An opportunity to unpack grey areas.

Application:  Board roles in whistleblowing. The role of legal, compliance, risk, senior managers and external advisers.

Q & A with Jacquie Seemann, Neil Napper

Q & A with two pre-emenint lawyers to ask questions specific to your needs.

Jacquie Seemann

Partner, Thomson Geer

Jacquie Seemann

Neil Napper

Partner, Lander & Rogers

Neil Napper

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    Further information

    Shirli Kirschner, founder and director of Resolve Advisors, lawyer and accredited mediator

    Shirli Kirschner

    Shirli is the founder of Resolve Advisors and Elker. She is an award-winning system designer and mediator with a legal background.