What is Elker?

Elker provides users with a simple and secure way of raising issues in the workplace or at university. These can be positive ideas for improvement, or negative reports about behaviour you have witnessed or experienced.

Elker provides a platform to capture data as part of our dispute resolution system design services or standalone.

For organizations, Elker provides a way for management to feel the pulse of their staff and people with an open channel to communicate internally, confidentially with anonymity, ensuring timely and transparent information flow of issues.

Elker is a pivotal tool for organisations wanting to build and measure their internal culture.

Whistleblowing requirements can also be satisfied by this platform.

How does it work?

Elker connects all of your support team through a single dashboard and allows people in your organization to confidentially seek advice, raise an issue or give a compliment.

As an employer, you get oversight over what’s really going on, automatic triage of matters to the right responder decreases time to resolution and provides instant support and advice for your entire workforce.

Are you Elker ready?

Where can I find out more?

Visit the Elker website to read more.